Guiltless Pleasure

Few things in this world which we navigate,

Are there helping us to quickly escape.

So I solace found in food which I ate;

From soup to bread, and meat and juice of grape.

But the one I cherish, of which I boast,

Forces grown men to stop, and to linger.

Oft compared to hot choc'late and to toast,

It is lapping pudding from one's finger.

One lick is all, and you'll relive the joy,

Of sneaking past your mom to confiscate

The prized possession of each wily boy.

And then indulging in the flavor great.

I stole the taste blatant and not ashamed,

And now alone at home guiltless remain.


  1. I like your sonnet... and chocolate pudding especially when it has oreos in it. And I didn't think anyone else in the world ate hot chocoloate with toast except me and my dad. We sat at the table so many Saturday mornings dipping our toast in hot cocoa. I hope you dip your toast in hot cocoa because its the best! And it's definetly a solace.

  2. That is funny-- my dad dips his toast in hot chocolate also! I did when I was little, but now I don't like the toast to get soggy. Nice work on the sonnet, I like the phrase, "juice of grape." =)

  3. It makes me think of when I would sneak into the kitchen to the green fridge (at the time it was green)and grab the can of whipped cream and spray it onto my finger and slowly lick it off savoring every last taste. Of course I would repeat this scenario multiple times until I got my fill.
    Ya know, to this day I never feel bad about it. Why you may ask? Well because my mom was the one who taught me.